Tech Fundamentals: Eat at D2

Dietrick Hall includes three dining locations and a convenience store, June 19, 2018.

Every college has its own unique list of must-do activities before students graduate. While Virginia Tech does have an official bucket list, there are a number of activities that could do the list a bit more justice. Sure, there are unofficial lists out there that mention the many ways to make your time here at Tech as exciting as possible, but most are outdated and lacking what makes these existing classes unique. Here are some ideas on what every Hokie should accomplish before they graduate. 

Go on a scooter race

Odds are you’ve taken a ride on one of the electric rental scooters on campus. Sure they’re great for when you’re running late to a class and need to make it to that lecture hall across campus quickly, but have you ever thought about taking it up a notch? Grab some friends, get some goofy helmets and have a nice (safe) race against each other.

Shoot your shot in a discussion board assignment

Yes, you have to be respectful in the chat and keep things professional when responding to classmates in a Canvas discussion board assignment, but have you ever thought about asking that one person with the great citations and the witty insights out for coffee? Respond politely, and see where things take you.

Go Slusher shopping

In need of a formal date? Can’t find someone to go with you to your date party? Go to Slusher Tower, start on the first floor and go door-to-door asking potentials to go with you. Meet and greet with each and every student who waited too long to fill out their housing application and ended up getting stuck in everyone’s favorite “Tower of Terror.” Made it to the top of the tower and you’re still dateless? It’s a sign to go solo, my friend.

Get everyone at D2 dining hall to start clapping for no reason

Pretend you just got accepted into law school. Tell everyone you won the lottery. Whatever it may be, find a way to make a scene by getting everyone in D2 to stop whatever they’re doing and start clapping for no real reason. Make an appropriate scene in front of all the Sunday brunch couples by having you and your friends get the whole dining hall clapping up a storm and taking the room volume up a notch.

Graduate with style

You’ve made it to the final stretch of college, but are you truly ready to enter the real world? Do you have what it takes to “Ut Prosim” your way into adulthood? The world may never know, but regardless, make the best of your time here at Tech with those you care about. Good grades, good plans and good times are all that really matters.

All other bucket list official or unofficial check-offs aside, walking across that graduation stage wearing maroon and orange in pride is the ultimate to-do.

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