Idego Coffee

Idego Coffee boasts plenty of space for anyone ready to cram for an assignment or relax with a Mocha.

It’s no question that Virginia Tech’s campus has the best food in the country, but what about off campus? The town of Blacksburg has tons of good eats perfect for Sunday brunch, a quick bite or a great way to impress your out of town friends.


Gillie’s is known for their vegetarian and gluten free options, so this is a perfect spot for customers with dietary restrictions and food allergies. Gillie’s is also a great place to meet friends for brunch on the weekends. They offer waffles, French toast and burritos in the morning with chili and salads for lunch. For dinner Gillie’s offers shrimp and grits (a southern specialty), tofu steak and salmon. The best part about Gillie’s? It’s a short walk from Squires for people who still live on campus. Make sure to arrive before you’re completely starving, because there will most likely be a line when you get there.


Zeppoli’s is home to upscale Italian food, so if you’re craving vodka sauce but are strapped for cash, this is the perfect spot to have mom and dad take you to after they come to town for a football game. The restaurant serves appetizers such as meatballs, garlic bread and bruschetta and many Italian favorites such as spaghetti, fettuccine alfredo and ravioli along with unique dishes such as burrata pesto and lemon vegetable linguine. If you want to see what some of the dishes look like, take a peek at their Instagram, @eatatzeps.

Idego Coffee

Idego Coffee is a small shop located behind the Blacksburg Farmers Market. This cozy, hidden coffee spot is a great place to study for an exam or meet up with friends. For you coffee buffs, Idego serves “City to Full City Roasts” in between the first and second crack of the coffee bean. Idgeo serves coffee favorites like mochas and americanos, but also serves unique recipes like  marshmallows, a hot chocolate-esque drink that tastes exactly like it sounds. The shop also has pastries from Carol Lee and Bollo’s so you can have a treat to accompany your drink. 

Blacksburg is home to many more locally-owned spots like these but has many other great places to grub all around town. If you’re sick of eating Qdoba or London broil everyday you can try out these spots to help gain the Freshman 15. If Niche and the Princeton Review rank off-campus food, Virginia Tech would be number one in that category as well.

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