Sugar Magnolia in Downtown Blacksburg, August 11 2018

Sugar Magnolia in Downtown Blacksburg, Aug. 11, 2018.

Most everyone out there loves a sweet treat. Whether every day or every once in a while, treating yourself to a little ice cream, some cookies, a few chocolates or whatever dessert you crave never hurt anyone. Blacksburg is known for being the college town home to Virginia Tech, but its other identity should be “Sweets-burg.” Blacksburg is filled with some of the best desserts around, and that is good news for Hokies.

Starting off with one of the best treats on campus: Deets. Many people usually think that Deets is just a coffee shop, but it is so much more. One side of Deets is also an ice cream parlor. They have 16 different flavors ranging from blue raspberry to espresso to classic strawberry. You can get a scoop in a cone or a cup, make your own sundae, get your flavor as a shake or even get a cookie sandwich with your choice of ice cream in the middle. As if all those options aren’t enough, though, they have their own specialty combos that make it even more delicious to pick your poison.

“I know that it’s bad, but I go there every other day to get myself a double fudge brownie milkshake. I’ve tried to stop this terrible habit, but I just can’t,” said freshman biology major Matt Snuggs.

Deets also has a s’mores set that you can get with your friends or go solo. The s’mores set comes with marshmallows, graham crackers and chocolate on a plate with skewers and a mini grill. 

Another good treat to get if you’re craving something and you live on campus and do not want to walk far, or if you live off campus in a house or apartment, is Insomnia Cookies or Campus Cookies. All you have to do is order online. You could also walk to the store location of Insomnia Cookies, but there is nothing like getting warm, delicious cookies delivered right to your door. Both are open until the late hours of the night. Campus Cookies is open until 1 or 2 a.m. depending on the day, and Insomnia Cookies is open until 3 a.m.

On to more off-campus locations for sweet treats, Carol Lee Donuts is one of blacksburg’s most renowned donut shops. “Carol Lee Donuts are the best donuts in the world. Nothing can ever beat them,” said English professor Jane Wemhoener.These homemade donuts made from scratch hit different.

 In addition, Our Daily Bread and Next Door Bake Shop are some other great places to grab scrumptious baked goods like cookies, cakes, pies, brownies and specialty made sweets. 

Finally, a fan favorite in Blacksburg to get the best treats is Sugar Magnolia. They have so many flavors of ice cream and all kinds of chocolates that include different flavors of truffles and chocolate-covered items. They also have several types of candy ranging from pop rocks to multi-flavored lollipops.

“The first time I walked into Sugar Magnolia, I thought it was heaven,” said freshman graphic design major Katie LeMay. “Since then, I’ve been back every weekend getting myself a little something sweet to reward myself for all my hard work I did the previous week.” 

Even though you may think Sugar Magnolia is just another sweet shop, they also have a whole shop full of cute cards and gift items to browse while you’re indulging in all their sweet goodness.

So go out on the town in our beloved city of Blacksburg and “treat yo’ self” to a little something sweet.

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