Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day display at Kroger, Jan. 27, 2019.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, the COVID-19 pandemic is certainly something to consider when planning your and your loved one’s special day. The typical date night at a restaurant may not work this year, as social distancing and mask wearing are heavily encouraged. While you may feel as though there is no way to celebrate you and your S.O.’s love, have no fear — there are certainly ways to wow your partner from afar.

 Is your partner a fan of music? Customize a playlist for them. You can even get creative by strategically ordering the songs so that the first letter of each one writes out a special message. Consider playing with the typical V-Day slogans like “Be my valentine” — you can replace it with “Be my Hokie” to add some school spirit to your romance. If your playlist is on Spotify, creating custom cover art is another way to personalize this gift and make it something special.

If your S.O. is more of a foodie, consider ordering takeout to be delivered to his or her place. Campus Cookies is offering special Valentine’s Day treats that are sure to satisfy your partner’s sweet tooth. Still have dining plan money burning a hole in your pocket? Pick up coffee and a donut in the shape of a heart from Dunkin’ in Owens and leave it outside your partner’s door with a note. 

Have a date on Zoom. Make the classic dinner date night COVID-19-friendly by cooking together over a video call. You can even try recreating classic VT dining meals like Owen’s chicken parm. Make it classy and dress up like you’re going out or make it casual and chill in your pajamas — one perk about Zoom is that it doesn’t require you to look socially acceptable, so use this to your advantage and have a super chill date night if that’s what your heart desires.

Flowers and chocolate are most definitely still an option. Keeping your distance doesn’t mean you can’t personally deliver this Valentine’s classic. Go to Kroger and scope out the best bouquets and leave one outside your partner’s door with chocolate and a note. Bonus points if you find a teddy bear too.

Get quirky and make a music video set to a cheesy love song and send it to your loved one. Your favorite VT locations like the Duck Pond, Burruss Hall and the Pylons are sure to make great backdrops.

This year is certainly different, but with a little innovation, it’s still possible to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the classics. Stay safe and express your love.