It’s that time of the year again where love is in the air and creativity is put to the test. Despite the pandemic often making fun holidays difficult to celebrate, students here at Virginia Tech are still hoping to have a fun and safe Valentine’s Day weekend. 

For those of you Hokies out there who are single and looking for someone to have some last-minute Valentine’s Day fun with, here are some eligible Blacksburg bachelorettes who are looking for dates this weekend.

Kristen Lee

Major: Fashion Merchandising & Design

Academic Year: Senior

After Graduation Plans: “I’d like to travel! Maybe Europe or something.”

Favorite Blacksburg Restaurant: The Beast

Favorite Movie: “Harry Potter, the entire series honestly. Or something scary like The Conjuring.”

Favorite Song: St. Tropez by Post Malone

What I Like To Do For Fun: “I love to watch movies, draw, dance, read and hang with my friends.”

University Involvements: None

Interesting Fact About Me: “I’ve partied with Snooki lol”

What A Fun Valentine’s Day For Me Would Be: “Something lowkey, like dinner and a movie or bowling.”

Instagram: @x0x.kristenn




Julia McRary

Major: Marketing Management

Academic Year: Senior

After Graduation Plans: Work within advertising or social media marketing and move to the beach.

Favorite Blacksburg Restaurant: Saki House

Favorite Movie: Anything with Adam Sandler

Favorite Song: “Depends on my vibe honestly, Enjoy Everything by Morgan Wallen to My Own Worst Enemy [by Lit].”

What I Like To Do For Fun: “Try new things! Restaurants, hiking, snowboarding, I'm down to try anything.”

University Involvements: Vice President of AMA (American Marketing Association)

Interesting Fact About Me: I view life as too short to worry about anything out of my control.

What A Fun Valentine’s Day For Me Would Be: “Plan something out of the ordinary, no fancy dinner or usual Valentine's date.”

Instagram: @juliamcrary


Addison Poole

Major: Psychology

Academic Year: Sophomore

After Graduation Plans: Graduate School 

Favorite Blacksburg Restaurant: Cookout

Favorite Movie: Pearl Harbor

Favorite Song: “Better Together” by Luke Combs

What I Like To Do For Fun: Watch sunsets and go on hikes with friends.

University Involvements: Sorority (Gamma Phi Beta) 

Interesting Fact About Me: I am obsessed with Justin Bieber and DaBaby 

What A Fun Valentine’s Day For Me Would Be: Dinner and watching a Blacksburg sunset up in the mountains.

Instagram: @addi.leighhh


Maddie Maguire

Major: Real Estate, Smart & Sustainable Cities

Academic Year: 2023

After Graduation Plans: Get a job in commercial real estate located in a growing Southern city 

Favorite Blacksburg Restaurant: Macado's

Favorite Movie: The Blind Side 

Favorite Song: The Spins by Mac Miller

What I Like To Do For Fun: Go on drives while blasting music, trying new foods, dancing, [and] petting dogs. 

University Involvements: Alpha Delta Pi, Real Estate Club, Relay for Life

Interesting Fact About Me: I have an irrational fear of driving over train tracks

What A Fun Valentine’s Day For Me Would Be: We get dressed up to go to dinner and after we make dessert at home.

Instagram: @maddiemaguire_