With Valentine’s Day here sooner rather than later, those who want to do something special but currently don’t have a special someone to do things with, time is of the essence. Luckily, there are a number of Hokie guys out there who are single and ready to mingle this Valentine’s Day. Below are some of Virginia Tech’s eligible bachelors that are looking for dates:

Robert Brinker

Major: Management

Academic Year: Senior

After Graduation Plans: Working for Kohl's in Richmond, VA

Favorite Blacksburg Restaurant: El Rods

Favorite Movie: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Favorite Song: “Hold Me Down” by The Happy Fits

What I Like To Do For Fun: Go for runs, make movie lists, nature photography

University Involvements: SigEp

Interesting Fact About Me: I can juggle almost any 3 objects

What A Fun Valentine’s Day For Me Would Be: Going out to a nice dinner and taking a walk

Instagram: @robbrinker


Patrick Maloy

Major: Marketing Management 

Academic Year: Senior

After Graduation Plans: Move somewhere warm and work in sales, start my own business in a few years, travel all across the world, go skydiving, go to the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, write a book, hug a tiger and/or [a] lion, see the Northern Lights, win an eating challenge at a restaurant [and] wear a tux to a casino and throw down big money. [I] really just try and get the most out of life. 

Favorite Blacksburg Restaurant: Hokie House

Favorite Movie: Wedding Crashers

Favorite Song: “Electric Avenue” by Eddy Grant

What I Like To Do For Fun: Any sort of exercise or something that gets you outside. Currently trying to do a handstand walk but that is proving to be WAY harder than I thought. Love grabbing drinks with friends and dancing in the mirror before a shower. Big fan of the board game “Catan” and pulling practical jokes.

University Involvements (ex. Clubs, Fraternities, Sororities, Intramurals, etc.): I transferred here last year so not really involved in much university wise.

Interesting Fact About Me: I’ve lived on four continents. Asia, Africa, Europe and North America.

What A Fun Valentine’s Day For Me Would Be: I go for a brisk evening walk on February 13th. I pass a dude getting out of his super cool sports car. I go to and ask him what kind of car it is. He rolls down the window. It’s Arnold Schwarzenegger? I say, “Oh my God… you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger.” We get to talking. He confides in me that after having a long successful life that he feels he has lost himself and his meaning in the world. I tell him I want to help him rediscover his inner purpose. We take a private jet to Santa Monica California. I’m thinking we’re going to lift some weights or something which would be so freaking cool right? But no. He wants to go surfing. We go surfing and even though I’ve never successfully stood on a board, I can suddenly surf like a pro! After a few hours Arnold tells me that he feels alive again and can clearly see the path he wants the rest of his life to take. My work here is done. Arnold and I have one last laugh and he gifts me $100,000. I take his jet back to Virginia. At the airport I see a woman whose beauty is like none other. We make eye contact. She moves to board her flight. “Wait!” I say. I proceed to make a romcom style last-minute airport love speech. I ask her if she’s willing to take a chance with an idiot like me. “Yes. Yes. A thousand times yes!” she says. We have a candlelit dinner and fall in love. Best Valentine’s Day ever. But in all seriousness, I think having a nice dinner with a person whose company you really enjoy is all anyone can ask.

Instagram: @thepatrickmaloy


Wayne Thompson

Major: Computational Modeling and Data Analytics (CMDA)

Academic Year: Senior

After Graduation Plans: Travel to Wyoming or Montana for a few months before starting a job. 

Favorite Blacksburg Restaurant: Himalayan Curry Café

Favorite Movie: The Outlaw Josey Wales 

Favorite Song: “Heading South” by Zach Bryan 

What I Like To Do For Fun: Anything outdoors

University Involvements: VT Fly Fishing Club & Vice President of Truck Club at VT

Interesting Fact About Me: I was professionally trained in ballroom dancing.

What A Fun Valentine’s Day For Me Would Be: Staying in, eating dinner and watching a documentary.

 Instagram: @the_wanye


Michael Heck

Major: Finance and Management

Academic Year: Junior

After Graduation Plans: Work for a business firm and fly [a] helicopter on the weekends.

Favorite Blacksburg Restaurant: El Rods

Favorite Movie: White Chicks

Favorite Song: “92 Explorer” by Post Malone

What I Like To Do For Fun: Outdoor activities, binge watch shows, and especially to sleep.

University Involvements: [Campus] tour guide, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Zeta Beta Tau, Vets@VT, dodgeball team [and] softball team captain 

Interesting Fact About Me: I went skydiving and bungee jumping within 24 hours [once]. 

What A Fun Valentine’s Day For Me Would Be: Go outside for about 20 minutes, drink hot chocolate, eat candy, watch a movie and either I make dinner or we go and get it. 

Instagram: @mzheck6

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