Hokie Water

Photo illustration of Hokie Water, Feb. 8, 2019.

This may be the last thing you ever think about in your time here at Virginia Tech, but you have to have wondered at least once: What’s the best source of water here on campus? Is it Hokie Water or is it the rain?

Our bodies are made up of at least 60% water, so it's safe to say that the H20 in your water bottle is somewhat important. The human body can only last up to a few days without drinking it. If water is so important, then why don’t we all strive to put the best water inside of us? Here is a list compiled of a majority of the water sources for students here at Virginia Tech. 

Hokie Water

In a world seen through HokieVision, admitted in via Hokie Passports and managed through HokieSpa, why on earth would you drink anything except for Hokie Water? There’s a HokieBird right there on the bottle.

Hokie Water is the only bottled water sold exclusively through Virginia Tech, and why would you ever want to pay less for another bottled water at your local dining hall? Hokie Water does appear to be spring water and does not say that it is purified.

Because of that, it may generally taste better, and you will feel better because every time you sip some H20 out of a HokieBird, you’re supporting what we do. Remember, UVA doesn’t have their own brand of water.


At a university that seems almost completely licensed out to Coca-Cola for all of their on-campus beverages, look no further than Coke-Water –– I mean, look no further than Dasani! Dasani bottled water is offered in most dining halls here at Virginia Tech, and is priced a little bit less than the water that comes with a Hokie Bird on it, as vanity will always come with a price.

Dasani water comes from a purified source, and has minerals added in for taste. The mineral, you ask? Salt. Yes, they add the mineral that makes you thirsty into a liquid that is supposed to quench your thirst. Who would ever expect that from the company that started out by putting elements of cocaine into soda?

The water fountain

Ah, my old nemesis. I can probably track down a few of my college illnesses down to the water fountain outside my freshman dorm room. I mean, its softened water, so it’s probably safe to drink. It always has that distinctive metallic taste that tells you that this water came from a fountain, especially after its been in your bottle for a bit.

It does have the advantage of being convenient to fill your water bottle, as most of them have a large slot to put your bottle in, which usually leads to the water stream just hitting the edge of the rim and spilling on your hands. It's just like a gas station but for water consumption; all you want to do is conserve resources, and you end up spilling stuff on your hands.

So, what is the best water to drink on campus? My verdict is anything but the water fountain. Bottled water is fine for you, salty or not, and that water cup you get with your lunch probably won’t hurt you. In the end, it's all water and it pretty much tastes the same, so go out there and hydrate before you die-drate.

Editor's note: An earlier version of this article contained false information about water from soda fountains.

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