GameDay 2007

Hokies decked out in their best maroon and orange for game day. 

As campus floods with new and returning Hokies, it is officially the greatest time of the year –– football season. Thousands of students clad in maroon and orange devote their weekends cheering on the football team as it fights its way to the ACC Championship.

Whether you plan to spend the day tailgating on Center Street or heading to Lane Stadium early enough to avoid the crowds, it is important to wear the perfect outfit. Hokie attire is not cheap, especially on a college student budget, but there are a couple ways to save and find the perfect outfit without breaking the bank.

Of course, the best place to begin the search for the perfect Virginia Tech gear is your very own closet. Not every piece of clothing has to scream Virginia Tech; pairing a cute orange top with a pair of maroon pants can be trendy and spirited, and it won’t cost a penny if you already own it. If you don’t happen to own the right colors, take a trip to a local thrift store, like Goodwill; there is one in Blacksburg and Christiansburg that always has tons of fun, spirited gear. 

Plato’s Closet, also located in Christiansburg, is a fancier thrift store that has an entire section devoted to Hokie gear. While slightly more expensive than Goodwill, it has a wider variety of options. You can also rely on Instagram accounts, such as VT Thrift, a virtual thrift store run by Virginia Tech students, that has a good selection of Tech clothing for sale as well. If Facebook is more your thing, the VT Free and For Sale page is definitely worth browsing. Here, students sell everything ranging from furniture to game day attire at low prices.  

While getting to destinations off campus may be difficult, you are in luck because the best way to purchase affordable Virginia Tech attire in Blacksburg is to stop by a Drillfield sale. More often than not, it is fairly easy to spot a clothing sale on the Drillfield under a big tent. Here, Hokie gear is sold at a hefty discount that does not break the bank. Keep an eye out for emails that alert all students of the sales at least a week prior. 

If you miss the Drillfield sale and are in desperate need of an outfit last minute, game day attire at the Virginia Tech Bookstore and Campus Emporium are still deserving of a glance, if you head straight to the clearance section. Often, there are coupons found in flyers around campus which can knock a few bucks off the total. 

The perfect game day look is important, but there is no need to spend a fortune to achieve it. Checking these places and websites out is not only financially responsible, but also can be fun. Bring your friends and stock up on all of your new Hokie wardrobe.


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