Town Council

The Town of Blacksburg Municipal Building, Feb. 14, 2019.

On March 26, multiple nonprofits from the Town of Blacksburg gathered at the biweekly Blacksburg Town Council meeting to speak about their organizations and request funding.

At the start of the meeting, a consent agenda was approved containing two resolutions. The first resolution related to pricing changes at the town’s Aquatic Center.

From now on, the fees will increase $0.50 each, and the minimum age for the senior citizen discount will be age 55 instead of the previous 65.

Additionally, a resolution was approved canceling items scheduled for the town council meeting April 9.

For the remainder of the time, nonprofits within Blacksburg described their organizations and expressed gratitude for the town council.

For instance, Karim Khan, director of the Montgomery-Floyd Regional Library, described the library’s successful initiative taking place that Khan referred to as “the great waive,” which waived late fees for children's books.

“We have noticed there are fewer books on the shelf,” Kahn said. “You think of libraries as having books on the shelf, but no. We have them in children’s hands.”

Another organization that spoke is the Agency on Aging, which ultimately strives to provide services to senior citizens, adults with disabilities and caregivers. These services can include home delivery meals, non-emergency medical services transportation and reducing isolation of older adults.

Tina King, a representative from the organization, stated, “Last year ... we served a little over 200 individuals ... in the Town of Blacksburg.”

Additionally, King claimed that support from the town “helps to keep our services at the highest level possible.”

Some other organizations that spoke include the Christiansburg Institute, the Montgomery County Christmas Store, the organizers of the town square dances, the Blacksburg Partnership and the Blacksburg Chinese School.

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