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Virginia Tech implemented two changes to grade policies to help students through the unforeseen transition to online classes.

The drop deadline will be extended to April 15, 2020, for undergraduate and graduate students without penalty.

There will be several grades options undergraduates can choose from for the spring 2020 semester:

Option one: Students can continue using the A/F grading options.The letter grade a student receives at the end of the semester will be calculated into their GPA.

Option two: Virginia Tech is introducing a new credit/non-credit grade system for the spring 2020 semester only. This option is only available to undergraduate students, and the grade received does not calculate into a student’s GPA. The credit/non-credit works as the following:

• “CC”- If an undergraduate student receives a C- or better in their course, they will receive a “CC”, which grants credit for the course and standards for progress to degree.

• “CD”- If an undergraduate student receives a D in their course, they will receive a “CD”, which grants credit for the course.

• “CN”- If an undergraduate receives a failing grade, D- or F, in the course the student will receive “CN’ which means the student will not receive credit for the course.

This option applies to electives and major required courses.

Option three: Students can choose the pass/fail option; however, pass/fail policies remain unchanged. You cannot use this option for required (major, minor, cognate, CLE, pathways) courses.

Students do not need to make immediate decisions regarding course grading. Students have until the last day of spring classes to adjust the grading option for all their courses.

However, Virginia Tech plans to provide specific guidelines and instructions on the timeline and process for choosing grades options in the near future.