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Editor’s note: The information regarding COVID-19 was collected on April 14 and is subject to change.

The New River Valley has confirmed 35 new COVID-19 cases as of April 14. By April 14 the total number of cases in the New River Valley region was 15,618 with a weekly average of 30 cases. Total fatalities are 205.

The New River Valley Task Public Health Task Force has developed information sheets for the general public to use. These sheets contain information on how to make vaccine appointments, the Virginia COVID-19 call center information, COVID-19 facts and data on the case count in the New River Valley Region.

The Virginia Department of Health reported 1,310 new cases, 28 hospitalizations and 14 new deaths related to COVID-19 as of April 14. The positivity rate in the commonwealth is currently at 6.1%.

Since the start of the outbreak, Virginia has had 636,862 cases as of this writing. Of these cases, from April 14, 496,623 have been confirmed by testing. 140,239 are probable cases, meaning a patient who shows symptoms is diagnosed without testing. Virginia’s total number of COVID-19-related hospitalizations is 52,808 as of March 11. The total death count state wide is 10,486, with 8,794 of those cases being confirmed and 1,692 being probable cases.

In Virginia, 36.6% of the population has received at least one vaccine, and 21.3% is fully vaccinated. Hampton Roads and the Tidewater region have reported a total of 249 cases April 14, making up 19% of the daily increase statewide.

According to the Virginia Hospital and Healthcare Association, 1,046 residents in Virginia are currently hospitalized with COVID-19 as of this writing. This number consists of positive COVID-19 patients and hospitalized patients with COVID-19 symptoms with test results still pending.

In response to the surge in cases, hospitals have increased the use of ventilators by 29%. ICU occupancy is at 78% with COVID-19 and non-COVID-19 patients. 942 ICU surge beds have been put into place to limit the congestion of hospitals.

Average COVID-19 vaccine administration in Virginia by day is 75,029 doses as of April 14. As of April 12, 931,908 of total vaccines administered have been through hospitals.

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