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The Virginia Tech Police Department (VTPD) received a report of a sexual assault that occured in Payne Hall on Sept. 21, 2019. The report states the survivor and suspect were both Virginia Tech students and acquaintances.

The Virginia Tech Police Department monthly crime log for October lists this offense as rape.

In addition, the crime alert outlined general information about sexual assault. Some of these points included knowing one’s partner’s limits, that the most common type of sexual assault is by someone the survivor knows and that reports have shown “any college community member might become the target of a sexual assault regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.”

Members of the Virginia Tech community have several sources to refer to if they have been sexually assaulted. People can go to for information on how to file anonymous or formal reports. In addition, the following numbers can provide more assistance for victims of sexual assaults:

Women's Center at Virginia Tech: 540-231-7806

Women's Resource Center of the New River Valley: 540-639-1123

Title IX Coordinator Katie Polidoro: 540-231-1824

Cook Counseling Center: 540-231-6557

Dean of Students Office: 540-231-3787

Virginia Tech Police Department: 540-382-4343

Furthermore, the Virginia Tech Police Department wants the public to know they will investigate, provide assistance and offer related services to support their safety and well-being. Moreover, if the crime occurred in another jurisdiction, the Virginia Tech Police Department will help to get assistance in that jurisdiction.

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