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A student opens the Grubhub app on her phone, Sept. 1, 2019.

With the start of the new semester, Grubhub is introducing Tapingo as one of its own on college campuses. The mobile food ordering app loved by many Virginia Tech students for its convenience and efficiency is now owned and operated by the food delivery app Grubhub.

Following Labor Day weekend, Tapingo services will no longer be available on the original app and instead will transfer over to the Grubhub app, which is available for download on either the Apple App Store or Google Play.

“With Grubhub Campus Dining, we're excited to offer college students wider dining options with a more efficient ordering experience through pickup and delivery,” said GrubHub spokesperson Yera Ha in an email to the Collegiate Times. “Students can order from their phones, skip the line and pick up their food when notified instead of waiting in long lines at the dining hall or on-campus restaurants.”

Grubhub Campus Dining will provide on-campus pickup and off-campus delivery. Both amenities offer their traditional services they are commonly known for, now combined.

Off-campus food delivery will connect local restaurants around Blacksburg like PK’s Bar and Grill and Benny’s Pizza to students’ fingertips, while on-campus pickup will provide in-advance food orders in Virginia Tech dining halls.

The merge occurred in November 2018 to fuse together both companies’ objectives: get meals to students quickly and efficiently.

Matt Maloney, Grubhub’s founder and chief executive officer, expressed his enthusiasm for the merge, stating, “We are excited to add Tapingo, a company that shares our vision of bringing greater convenience to diners and improving the restaurant ordering and pickup experience through technology.”

To install on-campus pickup, direct yourself to the “My Grubhub” tab inside the Grubhub app, choose “Settings” on the top right, find “Campus Dining” and follow the instructions for Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Grubhub payment options will continue to use Virginia Tech campus cards as well as any other forms of electronic payment. The convenience fee will remain the same at $0.49 per order for on-campus pickup, and off-campus delivery fees will depend on restaurants’ own fee preferences.

The merging of Tapingo and Grubhub was also determined by student feedback among many college campuses that use Tapingo services. Grubhub’s surveys, which were taken to reveal top meal orders among college students, showed that items like campuses’ bacon cheeseburger became 283% more popular and 168% for the chicken sandwich after both companies merged, according to the press release. These results along with others trends for breakfast, lunch and dinner helped determine which on- and off-campus dining options would be available to their customers.

Like many new changes on campus, Tapingo and Grubhub strive to grow with them. The new influx of students, preexisting overcrowding in dining halls and difficulty in finding meals quickly have been the main concerns of Virginia Tech students. Time can only tell if the new partnership can alleviate these issues.

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