Community Dialogue on Race with the Blacksburg Police Department

Blacksburg community members attend a press conference at the Blacksburg Police Department hosted by the Dialogue on Race, June 2, 2020.

The victim of the recent Sunridge Drive burglary has been kept anonymous due to safety and privacy concerns.

An anonymous Virginia Tech student wishes for justice following the string of local burglaries during the weekend of Jan. 22.

“The more I’ve thought about it and talked with police, (the burglary) was very targeted or very random,” the victim said. “I’m sure I’m not the only apartment that had an unlocked door that night –– so, it was completely random or they knew me.”

The victim and a roommate were at a friend’s house and believe their apartment was burglarized sometime between the late hours of Jan. 22 and the early hours of Jan. 23.

The victim’s two other roommates and two additional guests were asleep at the time, unaware that someone broke in.

“I was really frustrated at first and annoyed that, out of everybody, this would happen to me, but I think this has given me perspective because we really are in the ‘real world’ now and not everyone is going to respect other people’s houses, spaces (and) belongings,” the victim said. “I’m glad no one got hurt. This could’ve gone so much worse.”

Personal items including a wallet, car keys, clothes, pictures, identification cards and two laptops were stolen, and a Virginia Tech academic advisor eventually recovered one of the laptops in Christiansburg sometime during the same weekend.

According to the victim, the Blacksburg Police Department investigated the laptop for fingerprints and any other recoverable information, including locations if someone accessed a public WiFi network.

The victim’s roommate’s laptop was also recovered by authorities in Christiansburg.

When asked if she wanted to see justice served, the victim said “100 percent,” and added, “...I just want to know who (the suspects) are and see them –– I definitely want to see justice served. Whoever they are, they’re going to learn from (their actions) and not take advantage of people.”

Meanwhile, the victim has worked with the Blacksburg Police Department since the morning of Jan. 23. According to her, authorities have followed several leads since, and forensics teams have taken and have inspected other personal belongings which the suspect may have touched.

In response to the unconfirmed rumors that the suspect is targeting women’s apartments, the victim believes there’s some truth to the claims.

“I think (the suspect) is trying to avoid getting caught, and girls would be the easier way to do that,” the victim said. “...I’ve been praying for (the suspect) a little bit –– something’s obviously off with them to be able to maliciously go into someone’s house.”

Following the incident, the victim’s father installed security cameras inside the apartment, and The Village at Blacksburg off Sundridge Drive announced in an email that uniformed patrols continue to survey the area.

The Blacksburg Police Department requests for anyone who has information regarding the case to call (540) 961-1819.

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