Monday, April 16th 2007 10:36AM

Due to serious wind helicopters cannot be used to transfer the injured.  According to the police scanner, ambulances are being used to transport the victims to Montgomery Regional Hospital. 

Monday, April 16th 2007 10:32AM

At this time, one death and one injury have been confirmed.  More information will be made available as it breaks.

Monday, April 16th 2007 10:20AM

All classes are canceled.

Monday, April 16th 2007 10:04AM

The university is encouraging everyone to stay indoors and away from windows.  West Ambler Johnston and Squires are currently on confirmed lock down.

Monday, April 16th 2007 10:00AM

A gunman is confirmed loose on campus. 

Monday, April 16th 2007 9:47AM

Shots were fired on campus in West Ambler Johnson Hall in the early morning hours.

The Collegiate Times is currently investigating the story.  More information will be posted as it is made available.

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