2020 ACC MBB Tournament

Tyrece Radford (23) jumps up to attempt a shot, March 10 2020

Suspended Virginia Tech Basketball player Tyrece Radford was found guilty of first-offense driving under the influence Feb. 3 in Montgomery County General District Office.

Radford was indefinitely suspended from the Virginia Tech men’s basketball team on Jan. 25 after being arrested by Blacksburg Police the previous day. Radford was charged with one misdemeanor count of first-offense driving while intoxicated and one misdemeanor count of carrying a concealed weapon.

Judge Randal Ducan sentenced Radford to a 60-day suspended jail sentence and a $1,000 fine, of which $750 was suspended.

Radford took a plea agreement on the DUI charge, pleading not guilty to be driving under the influence.

Although Radford holds a Louisiana driver’s license, his driving privileges in Virginia have been revoked for 12 months. Radford has also been placed on probation for 12 months.

Radford pleaded no contest Wednesday to carrying a concealed weapon. Judge Duncan has placed the case in advisement for a year and could dismiss that charge at the end of that period if Radford shows good behavior.

The commonwealth attorney’s office did not ask for a conviction on the weapon charge.

The DUI conviction prevents Radford from having a permit to carry a concealed weapon for three years.

Radford remains suspended from the team, but was permitted to travel with the team to the Virginia Tech vs Miami game on Saturday.

“We do believe that Tyrece has demonstrated his remorse for his actions and has learned from this situation,” said Mike Young in a released statement. “We support Tyrece’s efforts and will continue to assist him in getting the help he needs along the way… There is a path for Tyrece to return to competition this week if he upholds the expectations necessary.”