Town Council

The Town of Blacksburg Municipal Building, Feb. 14, 2019.

On April 9, Blacksburg Town Council approved an ordinance that allows residents to keep chickens in their backyard.

Currently, chickens in Blacksburg are allowed in rural residential areas. This ordinance would allow for two more types of residential areas to have chickens as well. The ordinance allows up to six hens, but does not allow for roosters. Additionally, chickens must be contained within an individual's backyard and meet certain dimensions for the size of the coop.

For any individual wishing to keep hens, they must pay a $30 fee to apply initially, and current chickens are not grandfathered into this.

“I am happy for the family and folks who will now have this opportunity (to keep chickens) and I’m pleased that we’re passing it,” said Town Council member John Bush.

In addition, the council approved the meeting’s consent agenda which included a resolution to transfer $65,000 from the Stormwater Quality Improvement Project to the VDOT 2019 Revenue Sharing-Hemlock and Church Street Stormwater Improvements Project.

This resolution is intended to improve the public storm drainage system and direct stormwater away from an existing residential apartment complex. The residential apartment complex has several issues a year in regards to stormwater related damages, and the movement of these already appointed funds are critical to fund the improvements to the Hemlock and Church Street project.

Next, an amendment was made to a contract with EEE Consulting, Inc. to incorporate more services in regards to environmental assessment and remediation.

A public hearing is scheduled for April 23 for an interim agreement about a Public Safety Complex and how it relates to the town’s Public-Private Education Facilities and Infrastructure Act of 2002 guidelines.

Another public hearing is scheduled for May 14 regarding the development of a Freedom First Credit Union building on Prices Fork Road and for an ordinance to rezone a residential area on South Main Street to a Downtown Commercial and Planned Residential Zoning. There will also be a hearing that day to approve an agreement for the redevelopment of the old Blacksburg Middle School site and to allow the development of parking spaces there.

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