Student studying in Squires

A student studies in Squires Student Center, Feb. 4 2019.

Virginia Tech revealed its plans to provide alternative study spaces on campus for students to work.

Virginia Tech staff have set up various locations both indoors and outdoors for those in need of switching up their office or Zoom background. Six on-campus sites are available, including Dietrick Plaza, Peddrew-Yates Plaza, Burchard Plaza, Lavery Hall Plaza, Owens Plaza and Derring Hall ground-level plaza. These sites will provide students with seating options, shade coverage and lighting for the nighttime.

With online courses, quality internet access is essential. Virginia Tech has expanded its internet coverage to reach additional outdoor spaces including Hahn Garden, Owens Hall courtyard, Lavery Hall patio and Burchard Hall plaza. Additionally, Virginia Tech has published a map identifying additional outdoor spaces that have internet access

As the warm weather starts to fade, Virginia Tech has allotted indoor options for students. Numerous on-campus locations are available throughout the semester for individuals to escape the confinement of their dorm room or off-campus housing. Operating on a first-come and first-serve basis, these rooms will be open 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. Buildings and room numbers include:

Architecture Annex: 7

Davidson Hall: 201, 301

Derring Hall: 1076,1084, 3092

Goodwin Hall: 145, 155

Hutcheson Hall: 109

Major Williams Hall: 434, 532

McBryde Hall: 207, 212, 216, 219, 226, 230, 233, 302, 316, 328, 332

Pamplin Hall: 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004, 1008, 2001, 2002, 2028, 2030, 3001, 3004, 3010, 3028

Randolph Hall: 110, 116, 121, 206, 206A, 211, 222, 316

Robeson Hall: 101, 116, 122

Saunders Hall: 408

Seitz Hall: 207

Wallace Hall: 244

Whittemore Hall: 257, 277

Lavery Hall: 335

Williams Hall: 209

Students may also access indoor seating options through a similar map.

Virginia Tech has implemented an online reservation system for seats in all five libraries. Newman, Art and Architecture, Veterinary Medicine, Northern Virginia Center and Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine Library will host online reservations for this fall semester and may continue to use this system beyond the duration of the pandemic.

“COVID-19 may have instigated the use of this system but depending on how it works and is received by our library users, we may continue to use it into the future,” said University Libraries head of studios and innovation Jonathan Bradley to Virginia Tech News.

Students and Virginia Tech patrons will be allocated a maximum of four hours a day for reserving a seat. Individuals may stagger their reservations throughout the day or may select to reserve their seat in the four-hour time clock. Individuals are able to make their reservations here.

Individuals who have made a reservation will receive an automated confirmation email or may check a seat’s availability by scanning the onsite QR code. A 15-minute window will be cushioned between reservations, during which users are expected to sanitize their work area.