Masks around campus

Students around campus are donning masks as they begin to return for the fall semester, Aug. 17, 2020.

Virginia Tech announced Monday morning that enrolled students next semester will have five one-day breaks instead of one weeklong break in March.

The dates the university will offer no classes, assignments or assessments are: Friday, Feb. 5; Thursday, Feb. 25; Wednesday, March 17; Tuesday, April 6; and Monday, April 26.

“Experience has clearly shown that a break from studies during an academic term is essential for a student’s well-being,” said Vice President of Student Affairs Frank Shushok. “While we want to discourage travel that could aid in the spread of COVID-19, we don’t want to eliminate much needed downtime that students seek for their overall well-being.”

On-campus students returning in the spring must get tested for COVID-19 when residence halls reopen Saturday, Jan. 16. All classes will be presented virtually from the first day of class, Tuesday, Jan, 19, until Friday, Jan. 22., in order for Virginia Tech to survey the virus.

Faculty have the option to offer their classes in-person or in a hybrid or virtual format beginning Monday, Jan. 25.

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