Aug. 30 COVID Dashboard

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Virginia Tech’s COVID-19 dashboard’s update, released Aug. 31, shows 157 employees and students have tested positive for the coronavirus during the week of Aug. 23.

The 157 positive tests were out of 1,012 tests for the week of Aug. 23, making the week’s positivity rate 15.5%. The increase in positive tests brings Virginia Tech’s total positivity rate to 1.8% with 178 positive tests out of 10,053 total tests.

There are currently 41 residence hall rooms, or 23.8% of the available rooms, occupied by students in isolation. Virginia Tech has set aside 425 beds for on-campus quarantine space.

This data only reflects a portion of employees and students. After move-in testing ended on Aug. 23, Virginia Tech has prioritized at-risk employees and students, those who are symptomatic, and those who might have had contact with someone who has tested positive.

Virginia Tech said the next update to the dashboard will be on Monday, Aug 31.

The Dashboard is not the only tool Virginia Tech is using to monitor the pandemic. The university is monitoring the availability of on-campus quarantine and isolation space, local metrics, and local hospital capacity.

"Decisions regarding continuing in-person instruction and campus activities are based on assessment of public health data in consultation with regional health district officials and will be dependent in large part on whether Virginia Tech students, faculty, and staff are complying with campus health and safety protocols," the university said.