Otter above water

An otter peeks its head above the water in the Duck Pond. March 28, 2019.

Virginia Tech has announced an official change of mascot from the HokieBird to the Duck Pond Otter. 

According to university officials, the HokieBird no longer reflects the new Virginia Tech brand. An otter found its way to the Duck Pond last week, and instantly became a social media sensation.

Otter swims its way into Hokie hearts

“We felt that the Duck Pond Otter is a much better match with Virginia Tech’s new branding than the HokieBird. We are thankful to the HokieBird for its years of service to the Virginia Tech community,” said a university official.

The HokieBird will be officially retired as mascot on April 31. 

Editor's Note: April Fools! 

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