Making VT your home

A view of the Pylons on a sunny day, April 21, 2018. 

What is Home? Home is where the heart is, where the people you love are or wherever you make it. Home is where one feels a comfort beyond any other. It’s where one can breathe easy and be themselves entirely, never second guessing. Home is where the best memories are made and the stories of your life are told.

In the summer, many potential college students are spinning. Their time of simplicity is dwindling; a choice has to be made and a step must be taken. The pressure builds when options multiply: beautiful campuses, diverse academics, generous scholarships, abounding opportunities and of course a plethora of food choices. How is one to press pause on what seems to be the biggest decision in their present life and really choose?

I offer two comments on this decision making process.

Firstly, the ultimate choice you make will never break you; it can only make you. Incoming Hokies should shake their shoulders out and release the tension that they’ve imposed upon themselves. The weight of the world is not on their shoulders as they take their next steps in adulthood. Thousands of people are going through this same decision making process. Though it may be daunting, taking a step forward is much more promising than standing still. Progress is being made. No matter where you end up, any house can be made a home with a little hard work.

Secondly, this is where you are choosing to spend the next four years of your life; that future should be put into significant perspective. This isn’t simply choosing a name of an institution for the sake of pride and conversation. Several years and thousands of dollars later, the name of your university won’t hold as much weight as the education and the quality of the experience you’ve made there. You are choosing where you want to live your life. It shouldn’t be a matter of making yourself fit; rather, it should be a matter of choosing where you will thrive. You are making the choice of where you are going to make an impact. How will you change your future campus/future home? The second you find your authenticity slipping away, you know you’re in the wrong place. It’s when a sparkle in your eye is lit, a giddiness bubbles in your chest and you begin to imagine yourself with a backpack strutting across campus; that is when you’ve found your home.

Virginia Tech’s motto is “Ut Prosim” — that I may serve — but it also emphasizes that “This is Home.” Now, it may not be everyone’s home, but the people who reside in Blacksburg can feel that kindling of a fire inside their hearts to make it so for those who attend. We serve our community and one another to create an atmosphere of mutual respect and encouragement, to make anyone who comes to feel like they can kick off their shoes and stay a while.

Virginia Tech is my home, and I surely hope it’s yours too, but no matter where your feet take you, rest assured knowing that you are in for the ride of your life.

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