(Opinion) LTE: Jewish Community

Dear Ms. Nance,

In your recent article, “My Son’s Freshman Orientation At Virginia Tech Was Full Of Leftist Propaganda” in the Federalist, you spoke of your opposition to preferred pronouns and made a point to speak out about the Kosher food situation on our campus:

“Interestingly, the university offered Halal food but no certified kosher meals. Religiously observant Jewish students, tough luck, but if you are vegan, you’re in business.”

While Jewish leaders on campus are working with Virginia Tech to create Kosher dining alternatives on campus, it was not your place to try to speak for our Jewish community. From Tel Aviv to Blacksburg, Jews support the communication of gender pronouns and our LGBTQ+ community. It was unwise to mention our endeavor for Kosher dining in your Op-ed against inclusion and diversity practices at new student orientations.

Please refrain from trying to cajole communities into your anti-LGBTQ+ agenda without their input, because frankly, we want no part in it.


Jackson Ribler



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