(LTE) Gillie's

Local restaurant Gillie's caters to those with a taste for vegetarian food.

Dear Collegiate Times,

As a 25-year vegetarian and general manager of Gillie's Restaurant, I was surprised by the recent article quoting a student, “for vegan stuff, you either have to go to an Indian or a Thai restaurant,” Singman said. “ ... it’s probably not a world center for vegans or anything, but it’s doable.”

Gillie's has been open since 1975 and focused on serving delicious vegan and vegetarian options –– and we are the first restaurant found when Googling "vegan food Blacksburg." For each meal service, there are at least 10-12 hearty options for vegans, as well as daily specials, soups and desserts that are free of any dairy products. 

Also, we are conveniently located across from the campus and our famous brunch has made the Hokie Bucket List over the last few years and are one of the few establishments to offer fresh vegetable and fruit blends using a centrifugal juicer to help vegans get valuable nutrients when time is limited. Bollo's, our sister establishment, bakes fresh baguettes daily (vegan) for Gillie's and also has many decadent options in their baked goods selection, such as vegan espresso chocolate chip cookies.

While we cannot speak to the lack of vegan options on campus, we are passionate about providing inspired, plant-based meals for our community and want to be sure that new students are aware of our healthy options to support their specialized diet. Regardless of the reason a person chooses to "go vegan," we are here to support your mission!

Kind regards,

Anita Bevins

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