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A Virginia Tech student prepared for a job fair, Sept. 9, 2019.

Dear Editor:

I’m writing in response to Carey Oakes’ April 15 article, “Hokies are fearful as internship programs fall victim to COVID-19.” Hokies, please know you have a whole team of people you can turn to for guidance as you navigate losing an internship or full-time opportunity and search for other experiences. In Virginia Tech Career and Professional Development, we are here to assist students as they pursue new opportunities. Although our doors are locked at Smith Career Center right now, we are still open to meet with students via Zoom or in a phone appointment. Here are some answers to questions:

Who is hiring? 

Our Employer Relations Team receives daily updates from employers about the status of their internship and full-time hiring. In a Zoom or phone appointment, one of our advisors can share this knowledge with students. This past week nearly 700 new job listings were posted in our Handshake system, 131 were for internships and co-ops. Check it out: https://career.vt.edu/job-search/Handshake.html

Where can I find an internship?

Our advisors can meet with a student to discuss the student’s particular search and tools we make available. Students can tap into a number of resources as they search for an internship. To view sites listing employers still hiring, visit this link: https://career.vt.edu/content/career_vt_edu/en/covid-19.html#hiring

What else can an advisor help me with? 

In addition to sharing a number of internship or full-time position search resources and strategies, we can help students update their resumes, fine tune a letter of application or practice for an upcoming interview. And, if graduate or professional school is in your plans, we can help you prepare your resume for the application, talk about timelines and resources to research programs and entrance tests.

If I don’t find a summer internship, what should I do?

We can work with students to come up with creative ways to still develop career ready skills that we know employers want them to have. If you do end up “slicing deli meat in Kroger” this summer, we can help you create a plan to build skills while in that role, like communication, customer service, and teamwork, which a future employer seeks.

How can I get started? 

To make an appointment with one of our career advisors, students can visit Handshake https://career.vt.edu/job-search/Handshake.html or call 540-231-6241.

We want to help. Let’s get started.

Claire Childress

Associate Director, Virginia Tech Career and Professional Development

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