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Sports are a difficult field to get into, as an athlete, or in the media. Which is harder? Our guest this week Jon Laaser weighs in.

This week’s guest is the current “Voice of the Hokies” Jon Laaser. He is in his fifth year in this position after taking over for our inaugural guest, Bill Roth.

Laaser was candid in our discussion with him about all things VT sports, where he sees athletic programs headed in the future and his bumpy road to the top of the sportscasting industry.

Laaser was a well-rounded athlete growing up, but didn’t he have the talent to play at the next level.

“All I tried to do after I was done playing sports was figure out a way of how to stay in it,” he said.

The “Voice of the Hokies” also spoke about achieving his dream and getting to the peak of the sportscasting world. After throwing his hat in the ring applying for the Virginia Tech job, he slowly climbed the ladder of candidates. After a few rounds of Skype interviews, he got the call.

“I was on the backside balcony of the ballpark and he (Chris Ferris) called me and said, ‘I’m going to tell you the number, and it’s definitely in the top third of the ACC, so you should definitely take it!’”

From there, Laaser clinched the job as the “Voice of the Hokies” at Virginia Tech.

Laaser finished off our discussion talking about the state of Virginia Tech athletics and highlighting what culture means to him and Blacksburg.

“I think Frank Beamer did an incredible job of branding Virginia Tech to be what it is, Blacksburg hasn’t always been a destination, but Beamer and Buzz changed that,” he said.


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