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No one knows Interstate I-81 better than our next guest. 

Episode four of the Overtime Podcast features the head coach of the Virginia Tech women’s basketball team, Kenny Brooks. 

The fourth year head coach has ushered in a new era of up-tempo, high-flying offense to Virginia Tech, and he brought the same intensity to our podcast. 

“I’ve always had an affinity for just the game and the strategic part of the game,” Brooks said. 

After his NBA dreams began to fade, Kenny Brooks turned to his new love: coaching. 

Brooks’ career began in Lexington as an assistant for the men’s squad from 1994-98. From there, coach Brooks began his ascension to the top of coaching until finally becoming the Hokies headman in 2016. 

What comes with the Hokies job is coaching his two daughters, redshirt freshman Chloe and senior Kendyl. 

“There is so much joy to being able to coach your daughters, and it overshadows the negative,” Brooks said. “There are definitely conflicts of interest, but it is what you make it.” 

All of that and more in episode four of the Overtime Podcast!

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