Starting college is an exciting time. It is confusing and scary at some points, but overall it was a fun experience, for me at least.

When I showed up for orientation in July 2015, I was scared of everything and second-guessing my college choice. We were housed in West Ambler Johnston that one night. My roommate, a nice guy from New Jersey, seemed to be uncertain too. In the morning, I noticed that he had made his bed in reverse — he had used the fitted bottom sheet as a top sheet.

Hopefully you know the difference between a top sheet and a fitted sheet. Otherwise, it might be a long, sleepless year. But if you are new to campus, or if you are returning to campus after some time away, you may not know some of the things that have changed.

A trustworthy guide is important to have during this transition. That is why the Collegiate Times staff has made Tech Fundamentals, a special summer edition full of all the important information new and returning students need to know. Inside, you will find guides to everything from HokieSpa to making new friends.

Making the transition to college does not have to scar you for life. With some knowledge and a good attitude, it can be a fantastic time. We at the Collegiate Times hope that your year gets off to a great start, and we’ll see you in August.

(By the way, the sheet with the elastic goes around the mattress, and the flat sheet goes on top).

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