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2,534,400 minutes. That’s how much time has elapsed since I first stepped foot at Virginia Tech four years ago. Out of that time 40,320 minutes have been spent in Squires 365. Over the past two years the Collegiate Times has become a significant part of my life and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Most of you probably don’t know who I am since this is my first time as a writer for the newspaper. Instead, I have had the privilege to serve as design editor for the Collegiate Times for the past two years, dedicating my time and energy to produce the best print paper possible every week.

It’s hard to imagine my college career without being a part of the CT. During my first two years at Tech I always felt something was missing, but I couldn’t quite figure out what it was. Luckily, my best friend, current Editor in Chief Jessica Brady, reached out to me before my junior year asking if I would be interested in joining the staff as a design editor. I applied, interviewed and was given the position. I came in that Sunday before school started, for production, and I was so overwhelmed. Thankfully, I had my Co-Design Editor Ashley Long, who made the first few weeks feel less daunting.

I quickly got to know the rest of the staff and began to look forward to Sunday productions. The CT has not only helped me find another home at Virginia Tech, but has also made me feel like I am a part of something bigger than myself. As a person who works for a newspaper, I see firsthand how student journalism is dwindling across the country as people find their news sources from social media. I am so grateful and honored to have played a role in keeping a part of history alive. CT has also helped me find voice on our campus by participating in rallies to fight for change. Recently, I joined hundreds of students this past Tuesday  to demand changes be made to Virginia Tech’s Title IX policy. It was empowering to see so many familiar faces taking a stand for what we believe in.

I have made some of my fondest memories at Virginia Tech in this room and as I sit in the infamous Mill Mountain coffee shop trying to put my thoughts to paper, I find it hard to sum up my time with the Collegiate Times. With time slipping through my fingers, I cannot believe in just a couple of days I will be graduating from a place I called home for four years. From blasting ABBA in the newsroom to making lip dub videos, I love our quirky nerdy family. I have always said that even though we are all different in our own ways, we all hold ourselves to extremely high standards, which is why we are all so passionate about what we do. Every time I have entered that room I have learned something new, whether it was a sportsball fact or some random fact about Virginia Tech. I have grown and become a better person knowing each and everyone of you.

I now want to take the time to thank some of the people I have met during my times at the Collegiate Times.

Jess, 10 years of friendship later and I am glad you brought me to the CT two years ago. You have been a fantastic editor in chief and can’t wait to see all that you accomplish at William & Mary next year.

Ashley, thanks for being my car buddy for the past two years back to NOVA. Your love for the CT and drive are going to make you go so far in life.

Meg Connors, you are the sweetest human on this planet and never fail to brighten my day when you walk into the newsroom. Can’t wait to see you running the next presidential campaign (mark my words).

Celina, you have impressed me so much this past year. Joining the CT as a freshman is no small feat. If I give one piece of advice, it is to enjoy your time here and make every second count.

Roberto, I am glad I had you so we can obsess over Nike shoes. Thank you for countless ABP and Burger 37 meals. Looking forward to your reign as design editor and become a fearless leader.

Emily Hannah, I am still looking forward to our knitting session and I will miss gassing each other up and your airpods.

Izzy Rossi, your Spotify playlists give me life and thank you for loving Wes Anderson as much as I do.

Among the current staff, I’d like to thank incoming Design Editors Roberto and Celina. I look forward to see where you take the newspaper and I am sure you will not need your fearless leader next year. Ashley, your passion for the CT shows and I can’t wait to see all you accomplish as editor in chief next year. To all the new editors, y’all got this, and make sure you write long headlines! I am sad to give up my position as design editor but I know I have left it in even better hands. Squires 365, you will be missed greatly.

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