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Outgoing photo editor Kaila Nathaniel. Kaila is a graduating senior in physics and has been with the CT for three years, April 21, 2019.

I have been part of the Collegiate Times for three years and have never written a single article. How is that possible? I’m the photo editor. I’ve written plenty of photo captions, but never an article. I always intended to write as well as shoot, but somehow never found the time. So, welcome to my first and last story in the Collegiate Times.

I joined the Collegiate Times when I was a sophomore and looking to make friends and find a creative outlet from all the math in my life — a hazard of being a physics major. I had always liked photography and had turned into a news junkie in the past year, so the photo section seemed like a perfect fit. Armahn Rassuli, then the photo editor, showed me the ropes and off I went to cover protests, concerts, lectures and more. I liked taking pictures and never thought I’d take a leadership role — it seemed like a lot of time and work. However, by fall I was the head editor of the photo section and loving it.

The Collegiate Times has given me incredible opportunities I could never have found elsewhere. I’ve shot concerts in the pit in Burruss, laid between the lines of cadets jumping to Enter Sandman on gameday and covered Virginia gubernatorial candidates. I’ve spent two years with my Sundays in the newsroom, putting together a paper between ABP runs with my fellow editors.

This paper is only possible because of the people that love it and believe in it, and it has been an honor to work with the photojournalists at this paper. From Tahreem Alam, who has been successfully balancing working in both news and photo since 2017, to Ahmed Mustafa, who spends countless weekends driving all over the East Coast to cover football and basketball away games, their drive and determination know no bounds. I would not have been able to run this section without my fellow editor, Anthony Wu, who has saved me in so many ways over the past year and a half, including when I was away for nearly three weeks total for graduate school visits. The Collegiate Times has been one of the biggest parts of my college experience, and I will never forget the people that made it home.

While I am sad to leave the Collegiate Times, the photo section will be left in the capable hands of Alex Nageli and Ethan Candelario, who I have watched grow from newsroom newbies to some of the most dedicated people I know.

I can’t wait to see what the next year holds for the Collegiate Times and my beloved photo section, but I already know it will be brilliant.

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