Students attend Gobblerfest on September 5, 2014.

There are many things freshmen are nervous about when starting at school in the fall, but one thing that is probably the most scary is the question, “How do I meet people at college?”

Luckily, Virginia Tech makes finding the answer to that question easy. There are many school-sponsored events the first week at school and plenty of other ways new students can meet other Hokies.


Gobblerfest is one school-sponsored event that all freshmen attend because it is a great way to join clubs and activities; it is also a great way to meet people.

This year Gobblerfest will be held on Friday, Sept. 8 from 4 to 7 p.m.

All students, especially freshmen, gather to walk around the Drillfield which has carnival rides and many booths of all the clubs at Virginia Tech. 

Get out of your comfort zone and sign up for a club that sounds interesting to you. A lot of freshmen do this, so do not think it is strange to put your email down for a random club like Chocolate Milk Monday Club. Who knows, maybe you will meet your best friend there. 

If not anything else, Gobblerfest is a great way to grab some free Virginia Tech gear.


On the residential side of campus in between the dorms are quads where students can lay out blankets and relax. Some quads, like the one in front of Lee Hall, has basketball courts and beach volleyball courts.

Do not be too shy to go up to a group of people and ask to join in their game or sit down with them. It is common and not out of the ordinary. 

Some residence halls even hold cookouts on the quads as an organized way for students to meet. Look for signs in your dorm the first week to see if your residence hall is going to be hosting one. 


Every year on the Dietrick Lawn between Pritchard Hall and East Ambler Johnston Hall is Kickoff, which is an event for all students right after move-in.

Kickoff includes free pizza, drinks, games, a T-shirt and a great way to get to know other students.

This is another great opportunity to get out and meet some new faces and get some free food. 

No date is set for this event yet, but it is usually the first weekend before classes start.

Lane Stadium picnic

Usually the Sunday before classes start, Lane Stadium hosts a picnic for all students, but especially for freshmen.

This is a great opportunity to be inside the stadium, get free food, learn the cheers the student section chants at football games and get to know your fellow classmates. 

Students gather in the south end zone, which means everyone is pretty close to each other. Reach out of your comfort zone and talk with the people next to you. This was how I met some people in my class that I had the next day. 

Keep dorm doors open 

You will hear “keep your doors open” from your RA many times throughout the semester. 

They say this for a reason; it is so people on your hall can pop in and meet others. It is also great if you are bored, as you can just go down the hall, see whose door is open and then you can have someone to hang out with.

The people who keep their doors open will meet more people than those that keep their door closed. Be open, be friendly and you will meet plenty of people.

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