Bannerettes of the various intramural sports offered at Tech in War Memorial Hall, June 17, 2017.

There is good news for incoming freshmen who are trying to stay in shape and keep their competitive edge. Virginia Tech offers over 30 different sports ranging from contact sports to noncontact sports that always create good competition between you and your friends. It also helps you branch out and meet new people.

Any Virginia Tech student is eligible to sign up by visiting this link and clicking register.

Dodgeball, flag football, soccer and softball are popular intramural sports. There is also 5-on-5 basketball and 3-on-3 basketball that takes place throughout the year.

Virginia Tech has some of the best practice facilities in the country. If you’re playing flag football or soccer you get to play on a newly-renovated practice field that is made of synthetic turf. Virginia Tech renovated the field in 2015. With Lane Stadium and the mountains in the background it makes for some great scenery while you play.

The competition is another plus when it comes to the setup at Virginia Tech. Whether you play in a beginners league or advanced, you have the opportunity to call yourself a champion. At the end of the regular season there are playoffs and they get even more competitive.

“It depends on the sport,” said Virginia Tech student Erik Van Pelt who played both soccer and basketball.. “Sports that are popular in high school have higher competition levels. I’ve played coed soccer and kickball at intermediate and it’s usually a pretty mixed bag. In the fall I played advanced all-men’s soccer and that was much more competitive but not as much as the high school sport just because it’s not a real team with scheduled practices and stuff, but that raw talent level is fairly comparable.”

There are even sports for those looking for a noncontact sport. Bowling, darts and sports trivia are big draws among students. There is also a chess tournament offered. You can also participate in the Pick’em Contest that runs during March Madness in case you want to showcase your skills. This past year with Virginia Tech making the tournament, the Pick’em Contest got a lot of attention.

Can we play for free? The answer to that question is a no, but don’t panic. For a yearly fee of $20 you can get access to all of the intramural sports that Virginia Tech has to offer. Once you pay that fee, it’s important to get your money’s worth and play in multiple sports. You can make a team with your fraternity or sorority and even a club that you belong to on campus.

The Hokie Grail is awarded at the end of the year to the All-University Intramural Champion which is based off of a point system. It’s a chance to be enshrined as one of the best intramural players in Virginia Tech’s history.

There are also opportunities to work as an intramural referee. The Department of Recreational Sports employs over 500 students each year. Referees go through training prior to game action and gain leadership experience when they have to work in highly competitive games. There are multiple areas you can apply for, including videographer or even groundskeepers. You can work and still play intramural sports.

“Do them and keep an open mind. Try new things,” said former student Nate Lasker who played intramural basketball and soccer.

If you were a high school athlete or someone who just enjoys sports, then Virginia Tech intramurals has a lot to offer you. Some of the best memories you can make during your college career come from your time as an intramural athlete.

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