Brock Hoffman

Offensive lineman and Coastal Carolina transfer Brock Hoffman will be sitting out this upcoming season after being denied his final waiver appeal.

The decision comes just three days before Virginia Tech opens up their season against Boston College on Aug. 31.

The decision for the appeal was made by a seven-person appeals committee. The voting tally was not revealed to Virginia Tech officials.

Virginia Tech said in a news release that it was “extremely disappointed” in the decision, but that it would continue to support Hoffman and his family.

Hoffman responded to the news publicly on his Twitter account, thanking the school for its help during the process as well as looking ahead to next season.

Hoffman’s story has made headlines across the country and has opened up the discussion about the issues behind the NCAA’s transferring guidelines for non-graduate student athletes. His tweet after the initial denied waiver request about the situation garnered national support from fellow athletes and journalists who felt the NCAA’s transfer rules were insufficient.

Hoffman decided to transfer to Virginia Tech after the 2018 season primarily to be closer to his home in Statesville, North Carolina, where his mother, Stephanie Hoffman, is recovering from surgery to remove an acoustic neuroma.

Virginia Tech submitted the initial waiver request in March, which was denied in April primarily because Hoffman’s home fell 5 miles outside the 100-mile radius allowed for medical hardship waivers and because the NCAA believed Hoffman’s mother’s condition was improving.

The appealing process was a long one, taking nearly the entire summer for a decision to be made. While Hoffman was receiving first-team reps at center in the spring, the team also prepared other guys at the position in case Hoffman was required to sit out for the season.

Hoffman’s 24 games of experience gave him a strong chance at starting this season had the appeal gone the other way. He’ll have two years of eligibility left at Virginia Tech beginning next season.

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