VT Football vs Georgia Tech

Justin Fuente, VT head coach, Oct. 30 2021

After a six-year tenure in Blacksburg, Virginia Tech and head football coach Justin Fuente have “mutually agreed to part ways.” Fuente led the Hokies to a pedestrian 43–31 record during his tenure, and the team struggled with consistency en route to a 5–5 record thus far this season. Athletic director Whit Babcock announced that defensive line coach J.C. Price would be taking over as interim head coach Tuesday morning.

“While it is never easy to make a change, I believe in order for our football program to attain the type of sustained success that is expected at Virginia Tech, the time was right for new leadership of our football program,” Babcock said.

Fuente was hired in 2016 after finding success as the head coach at the University of Memphis, but after two encouraging seasons in 2016 and 2017, the team was not able to come close to its early success under Fuente. After those two strong years, an abundance of issues piled onto each other, eventually leading to Fuente’s exit.

A 2018 loss to Old Dominion and a losing record on the year were just the start of these problems. In 2019, a blowout loss to Duke and the first loss to UVA in 15 years added insult to injury. A heartbreaking loss to Liberty and the team’s second losing record in 3 years made it seem like only a matter of time before the formerly heralded coaching candidate would be leaving Blacksburg.

Now, after four disappointing seasons in a row, Fuente is out at Virginia Tech. After negotiating an $8.75 million buyout with Fuente, it seems certain that Babcock will start the search for the Hokies’ next head coach immediately.

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