VT Men's Tennis vs. Liberty

Virginia Tech Mens Tennis Players celebrate a doubles point against the Liberty Flames at Burrows-Burleson Tennis Center, Feb. 9, 2020.

The Virginia Tech men’s tennis team secured a win this weekend at one of its home games against the Appalachian State Mountaineers on Saturday, Feb. 9. The Hokies (3-3), despite their dominating win the day before, were unable to continue their win streak and were defeated by the Liberty Flames on Sunday, Feb. 10. Tech is now .500 overall.

Against Appalachian State, the Hokies finished the doubles matches with a 1-0 lead over the Mountaineers. They continued their lead into singles, winning five of their six matches. Appalachian State players were visibly frustrated as they attempted to overcome the Hokies. Tech won the game with a final score of 6-1.

The Hokies were back at it again against the Liberty Flames the very next day. The crowd at the second game of the weekend was energetic following the win Saturday; chants of “Let's Go” and “Come on Tech” echoed through the facility. Tech was able to secure a point in the double matches, starting singles with a 1-0 lead. The final scores for each doubles match ended up being 7-5 Hokies, 7-6 Hokies and 7-5 Flames.

Playing in the singles matches for the Hokies were senior Alex Ribeiro from Lisbon, Portugal, junior Carlo Donato from Pisa, Italy, junior Chase Bernstine from Manakin-Sabot, Virginia, freshman Matthis Ross from Upper Cumberworth, England, and freshman Ryan Bernstine from Richmond, Virginia.

Ribeiro and Josh Wilson for the Flames played an even singles match up. They were the last match still in progress with the score tied up 3-3 with the deciding match of the game on the line. The crowd fell silent as all eyes watched the court. The match resulted in a point for Wilson, leading Liberty to a 4-3 victory over the Hokies.

The Hokies played strong this weekend and look to start a new winning streak at their next game on Feb. 15 against St. Bonaventure at home in the Burrows-Burleson Tennis Center at 1 p.m.

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