Football versus Ohio State

The Hokies enter Worsham Field as fans jump up and down to Enter Sandman in Lane Stadium.

In light of the pandemic and the uncertain season of college football, Virginia Tech Athletics and the Hokie Club announced Aug. 17 a campaign titled “Keep Jumping”. The initiative has been created to ease the financial challenges the athletic department will be facing this year. 

Virginia Tech Athletics has a $50 million minimum budget which includes supporting student athletes during this difficult time. There are currently more than 550 students who rely on the athletic department for scholarships, academic services, physical training, strength and conditioning, nutrition, and health and wellness programs. 

There are many different ways to help the cause, especially for members of Hokie Nation who are 2020 season ticket holders. Fans have the option to convert their 2020 tickets into a donation and in return will earn 5x priority points with the Hokie Club. Supporters can also choose to credit their purchase to an account that can be used for future tickets in 2020 or 2021, again earning 5x priority points. The other option for season ticket holders is to receive a refund for their ticket purchases.

The initiative is also offering a point incentive for every $100 donated to the Keep Jumping Fund. The Hokie Club will also be giving 2x priority points for any new gifts made to the fund. 

Season ticket holders who choose to Keep Jumping will receive early access to tickets for the Notre Dame game in 2021 if available, receive additional Maroon and Orange Memories credit, have access to 2020 single-game tickets if the season is played, and get the opportunity to keep the same seats for 2021.

The deadline for choosing what to do with season tickets is Aug. 28. If fans miss this deadline, their tickets will automatically be made into a donation.

Student season ticket holders will receive updates from Virginia Tech Athletics about their options in early September.

Virginia Tech athletics is asking Hokie Nation to step up and support the overall well being of these dedicated student athletes during this unprecedented time.

Even though all Hokies may not be able to jump together in person at Lane Stadium this year, fans can keep the momentum going for the future of Virginia Tech Athletics by financially supporting the program during this time. 

More information on the Keep Jumping campaign and the page to make a donation can be found here.

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