Burruss Hall

As students get back into the groove of things after the much-needed Thanksgiving break, they won’t have to worry about rain ruining their first days back. Abundant sunshine will dominate the skies across campus on Monday as high pressure builds over the area. Students heading to their early classes will want to grab a warmer jacket as lows drop into the lower 30s, but high temperatures are expected to reach the mid-50s.

The clear weather pattern will continue through Tuesday and Wednesday, allowing afternoon temperatures to reach the upper 50s. However, chilly evenings are still in the picture with lows remaining in the lower 30s.

Unfortunately, the pleasant late-fall weather will take a turn for the worse Thursday and Friday as highs only reach the lower 50s and a chance for showers makes its way into the forecast. Students should be sure to pack a raincoat on Friday as the cold front pushing through will bring rain showers. This cold front means the cooler temperatures will remain through the remainder of the weekend, but clear skies are expected to make a reappearance.

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