This past weekend, we saw warmer than average temperatures for this area that led up to a rain event on Wednesday. This warm trend will continue throughout the rest of the week and even as we head into the weekend. 

On Thursday, you should expect scattered thunderstorms throughout the day, so make sure to have a raincoat or an umbrella in case you happen to get caught in one. 

The temperatures will reach the mid-60s during the day and dip down into the upper 40s during the night. A warm front will be moving through on Friday, which will bring temperatures up into the upper 60s. This will leave skies partly cloudy for most of the day.

Clouds will come in overnight which will leave mostly cloudy skies for Saturday with the chance for some more rain. This will be caused by a strong cold front moving eastward behind the warm front on Friday. The high temperature on Saturday will be in the upper 50s, but as soon as it reaches that temperature, it is going to start dropping significantly, bringing the low temperature to the low 40s overnight.

Sunday morning will be a bit more brisk than what we have been seeing over the past week. Around 8 a.m., the temperature will have plummeted all the way down into the low 30s, so don’t be startled when you aren’t able to wear a light coat like we have been most mornings! High pressure will be seen over our region, so hopefully we will get a break from all of the clouds and rain and get to enjoy some sunshine as the weekend comes to an end.

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