Following this warm weekend, we can expect to see those high temperatures continuing. A high-pressure system is in place, controlling the temperatures and dry conditions for the week. Halloween will see a partly sunny sky with the highs only reaching the upper 60s. By nighttime, for those going out and enjoying the holiday, the sky will continue to be mostly cloudy. The low temperatures will drop into the low 50s.

Tuesday will be similar to Monday with regards to sky cover, but temperatures will break into the low 70s. The clouds will start to clear throughout the day, leaving a mostly clear sky by nightfall. The overnight lows will continue to be in the low 50s. By Wednesday, the clouds will be gone, leaving a sunny and clear sky and temperatures in the upper 70s. Wednesday is looking to be the hottest day of the week, so dress accordingly. Clouds will start to make a re-appearance by nighttime with temperatures continuing the low 50s trend. The rest of the week may see a cold front moving through, dropping the temperatures once again.

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